I’m Troy.

I be Padriag

hey, yeah i used to live in prince rupert, i moved to powell river. i was mainly comming on here to see whos all from prince rupert on here that i know… does makaela pond come on here… i need to talk about UNBC/

Did you or your parents spell your name wrong? Isn’t it supposed to be Padraig?

I’m Mephiidiyuy! Hi! :unamused:

Yea so what big thumb just cause I have a name that I misspelled.

whats your point.

its hard to remember.

Hard to remember! You’re named after the quintessential Irish historical figure and you can’t remember! What kind of Irishman are you? On top of that, you’re a Man U fan. How un-original!

p.s. Note that I used the word “quintessential” in the post. It’s the first of a series of big words I intend to use in my future posts to try to sound as intelligent as t-bone. Stay tuned.

Well i may have some interest with Man U but I shall never forgot my dear

Celtic. And i to will work on my spelling of words big and small and ones such as my name.

Oh and big thumb . No ones more irish then me. unless hes 2 feet tall wears

all green and and yells . "There afer me lucky charms.