Names who made the deadline

So whats out there with names for nominations, I saw Gabe Mclean going to city hall once again, will he ever learn?Maybe they were Dorthy’s papers he was carrying under his arm, will he ever learn. I heard there may be a total of twenty-five names, could be a circus . So we can be sure we will hear that horrible sound of laughing , the shaking of babys and the kissing of hands all about town and when its all over they will all go home for another three or four years and stay off our streets.

I heard that at the last one, Gabe Maclean was giving a speech, and was talking about the importance of spending your money locally and supporting local business. Then someone in the audience piped up with, “Hey, where’d you buy your car?”

Which, for anyone who might not immediately pick up on it, was not local, but in Terrace!

I really just wanted to mention Terrace to check out the spitting thing.

Not a bad question I guess but he has probably been asked that once before in what is twelve years. Or was it a gift ?