Name your top 10 cheesy songs

just name your top 10 cheesy songs (1) being the most cheese and (10) not as cheesy

Just?? It will take too much effort to think of ten songs. Therefor I hope ur happy with one!
And that one would definately be: Who Let the dogs out
I never could stand the song from the moment I heard it. I was sitting in Fogg’n Sudds in Mission, when bunch of east indian men who thought they were hot, were jumpin around singing the song like it was their national anthem. Man it was hilarious, had to have been there.

Anything by Warrant, Poison, or Whitesnake.

ok make it top 5

looks like iv’e killed this subject

What’s a subject?

It was never a subject to begin with. A better thread would have been…

What’s the cheesiest song of all times?

“What brand of cheezies do you prefer to eat 10 or 5 of when listening to songs?”

old dutch cheezies wuttt those rock hahah


Nacho Cheet-os.

Cheezies …eewwww

Most Cheeziest Song Ever…

“You Threw Up On My Shirt and Stole My New Shoes and I Sure As Fuck Hope You Were A Girl” by X-D

only 10? with all that C&W there must be 200 songs that make me puke…

how about “Momma’s got a squeezebox, daddy can’t sleep at night…”

not gunna get us by tatu is the Cheeziest song

so stupid and annoying, but they’re hot lesibians

ok most chessy song