N Korea will kick your dog!

Indeed they will!

A Link!

Pyongyang would deliver “merciless blows without hesitation to whoever tries to breach our sovereignty and right to survive under the excuse of carrying out the UN Security Council resolution”.

North Korea is fucked. If one of their missles even manages to fly, the whole world will bomb them back to the stoneage.

Yeah right.

The reason the USA invaded Iraq is because it didn’t have WMDs.

The reason the USA won’t mess with North Korea is because it does have WMDs.

The hole thing is messed up there big time, they are living in the stone age, well the people are, 10’s of thousands a year die from Starvation there.
 When you see the satellite picture of north and South Korea, there is only one large city you can see who has power. and the South Korea looks like a Christmas tree.
You have a country that likes to try to intimidate other countries into given what they need, I really worry for South Korea and Japan, I wish china should  do more same with Russia; with out there help or backing, what ever the us or the united nations do will probably fruitless.

Then the whole world starts randomly launching nukes out of panic.

I’m honestly surprised this topic hasn’t come up sooner.

Anybody care to hazard a guess as to the eventual outcome? 

North Korea loses.

no the people of North Korea will suffer it would be a Humanity catastrophe.

How would they suffer and how would you rectify that?

A very good question indeed!  I don’t think that the neanderthal cowboy from Texas will be able to deal with this dangerous situation. 
Look at how Bush et al have dealt with Iraq. :unamused:

Moving troops from their forward defensive positions in South Korea so they could serve in Iraq didn’t help things much, either.

Your dog could bite back without starting WW3. Shrub can’t…

Why do they not just have some real big Ping Pong Tournament . Who every wins is hailed as the best and everybody shut up go home and realize house they came to getting their’s and our asses f@%&*d up bad.

Bad spelling there sorry there fun-seekers . that was how close they came to getting our asses you know the rest. Hard day in class always does that to me.

Nuclear winter will cancel out global warming though, just like on Futurama.  This is a good thing.

Nah…I’ll take global warming over a cloud of radioactive waste any day.  Besides, with global warming you won’t one day wake up and have an arm growing out of the side of your head. :smiley:

Time for the US to reduce their stockpiles of ICBMs, or Wernher von Braun is gonna roll in his grave.

Just saw an interesting blurb on the news about stopping sales of Ipods and Segways (to name a few) to N.Korea.  Just what N.Korea needs segways and Ipods.  Hyuck. 

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