N.Korea: Nuclear disabling is back on

So…I guess Korea is no longer part of the Axis of Evil.

[quote]SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) – North Korea said Sunday it will immediately resume work to disable its nuclear plants after the United States removed it from a list of states that sponsor terrorism.

North Korea’s foreign ministry said it welcomed the U.S. move and would give international inspectors access to its main Yongbyon nuclear facility to oversee the crisis.

“We welcomed Washington’s moves to follow through on their responsibilities according to the agreement reached,” a spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the (North) Korea Central News Agency.

In a version of the statement carried by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, North Korea also said it will now resume disabling its nuclear plants.

“With the move by the United States we will also fulfill our ‘action for action’ principle and resume the disabling of the (Yongbyon) nuclear facilities and allow inspectors from the United States and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to resume their responsibilities,” the statement said. [/quote]


“Team America: World Police” just ain’t gonna work anymore! DAMMIT!!

Are you implying that America no longer has the moral authority to act as Globo-cop? :smile: 
Heh-heh.  I agree that it is quite funny (and sad) that America dictates proper behaviour to other countries when they permit torture.  Hypocrites.

I think he was making a reference to the movie. :wink:

Oops.  Okay.  Thanks:-)  Hehe. :smiley:

Well, coincidently, I’d just read this on the BBC:

news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle … 663487.stm

Apparently, Iran thinks they will be the new ‘World Police’, and I’d like to see them make a movie of that one (and not be stoned, flogged and hung)  :neutral_face:

Good point Grockle. I might not like American foreign policy but, at least I am able to critique and ridicule it.

On the other hand.

Maybe George Dubya isn’t the only idiot on the planet.

Agreed.  Sarah Palin will never be labeled as shrewd or capable. :smiley: