Mz Judged - Friday night fun!

Have you heard?  A beauty pagent in Prince Rupert! Many beautiful ‘ladies’ will be competing.  Can’t wait to see them in bathing suits.  Judges will be the Queen, Jesus and a digruntled loser from a previous pagent.  Pretty sure the claws will come out as the ‘ladies’ vie for this coveted crown.  Tickets are $20 at Cooks Jewellers or $25 at the door.  This event is for a mature audience so let’s pack the Lester Centre and support our Transition House.

Nothing like a night of objectifying women for a night to raise awareness for battered and abused woman.

They have battered women now?

And here I’ve been eating mine plain.

Meep Meep Zoom I don’t really see how this is objectiving battered woman.?!?!?

I heard the money will go to a new residence called Tempura House. It’s for lightly battered women.

The pageant doesn’t objectify battered women…it objectifies women in general.
Which, in too many cases, leads to abuse of women.

You know it’s men in the pageant, right?  They are making fun of pageants.  I guess the joke is lost.

Nope, didn’t know that…puts soapbox away :neutral_face:

Sorry I was wondering if you knew it was guys dressed as gals!

It is a joke people and the money raised is for a wonderful cause…I am looking forward to it…Now men will know how bras and all that gear feel, up close and personal… :wink:  Wearing them, that is…Oh f—k, I have my foot in my mouth, yet again… :confused:

Now, we just need to get a boob like substance, and make them wear big gazongas, like some of us women have to and we’d be set.

the pics of the contestants are in the paper today

Scary pics!

Yeah, that was close. I used to wear that stuff as a kid… and well… er… perhaps I’ve said too much.

Well. that begins to explain some things.

Soooooo BakerWriter…Speedo or a classic two-piece?  :smiley:  You are a contestant, right ?

Now I know this town is getting more sicko, people and most likely girls will pay money to watch a bunch of girlie boys dress up. Pretty bad when they have to earn money in this manner is there a name for this. Why wold someone care if someone is wearing a speedo or whatever you call them things. Just sick and this for what abused women?

holy crap no sense of humor ? you dont get out much do you? you think this is a rupert original idea ?

I must of had one when I first moved here but it sure did not take long to be robbed of that to. I am very tired of seeing the shit which goes down in this city,town and hell hole. But you folk seem to enjoy the circus.

Are they flying in the Missed Congeniality 2002 winner for this pageant?? Hah!