Mz. Judged 2011

Just a friendly reminder that the 2011 Mz. Judged competition takes place tonight at the Lester Centre at 7 p.m.

Based on dress rehearsal last night, it’s going to be a really entertaining show. There’s still some tickets available at the Lester Centre and Cook’s (though not many I hear) and it all goes to support the North Coast Transition Society. Hopefully see you there.

And yes, the redhead in the hot tub is yours truly…

Can someone please explain to me what this is all about?

What an amazing show tonight! All the guys did a great job! Mz Spelld, Shaun Thomas - your song rocked the house - loved it! Need to see the words to that song again! Should become a Prince Rupert song. MZ Gaga, Kenn Long - the winner and talent winner, was outstanding! Mz Demeanor, Justin Hindson - great job, you did the RCMP proud. It takes a good man to fill those heals :wink:

Prince Rupert should be proud that these men were standing up to support women. The Transition House was lucky to have these men volunteer to participate. It take a good man to do that! Be proud “ladies” - Great job!! You raised a lot money and you packed the house! I’m so proud of Prince Rupert’s talented men! And a shout out to the Faboulous Cher Estrada! You were so entertaining and you knew how to keep the audience entertained! You all out did yourself!

I agree, excellent show, looking forward to next year.