Mystery on Fulton

Does anyone know what was going on, on Fulton, close to Annunciation, where the road is closed. about 11:00pm Friday night?

As I was driving home, there was a fire truck, a couple of police cars and an ambulance.  The ambulance pulled out, without it’s lights on and proceeded to drive to the hospital, where it went passed the ambulance bays and pulled into the hospital. 

It looked like someone drove into the cement barriers just past that little street in front of the school.  We drove by later on and a couple of the barriers were in pieces.

I think that I walked by there around 1:30ish, and there was no activity.

from scanner land… i guess a lady thought she might take a short cut… knocked out the barriers… did alot of damage to her car. but i here she is ok… also city workers were called into fix them… the worker went there and said yup looks like they were moved and went back home… Don’t want any over time here…

wtf she was probably drunk haha… :unamused: