My Own Worst Enemy

I’m liking this show! 

If you’ve missed episodes, you can get caught up on Global’s website.

yeppers its a good show and christian Slater part must have been made for him as he pulls it off most excellently… :smiley:

Oh yeah?  I’ll have to check it out - I used to really like Christian Slater but sometimes the roles he gets are a little sketchy.  Thanks Princess!

He is SOOO perfect in this role.  He’s a lot like Jack Nicolson,… (I know I spelled that wrong, but I don’t want to look it up)

This show has been cancelled.

Really?!?!  Nooooo!  it’s so good though!  do you have any idea how many episodes are left?

[quote]NBC is cleaning house after the failure of Heroes to gain traction with viewers.

The latest domino to fall: The Christian Slater vehicle My Own Worst Enemy, which failed to hit the jackpot by hitching a ride on Heroes’ time slot, instead crashing and burning after only nine episodes.

The mind-control drama was scheduled to complete 13 episodes and wait for further instructions, but it looks like the ninth episode will be its swan song, according to Variety. It isn’t the only Universal Media Studios property on NBC scheduled to shutter: Lipstick Jungle is also on the chopping block.

Throw in the recent firing of Heroes producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, and it’s clear that NBC wants to shake up its prime-time roster.

It needs to: My Own Worst Enemy was a clunky secret agent mess masquerading as a morality play about self-awareness, while Heroes is more or less the same, with an important caveat: It has gone on for three seasons. Really, how long does it take to figure out who you are, especially when you’re just a tool for someone else?[/quote] … y-own.html

So, are they saying that they’re going to cancel Heroes too?  Oh man, if they did that, I’d probably puke.

Okay, but that means that’s it for My Own Worst Enemy.  They can’t just end it there.  There’s no resolution or anything.  I hate it when shows end before the story is finished!

It happens to us all … sadly  :cry:

Yeah - I have to say I’m not surprised either.  While the idea for the show seemed interesting to start with, but it’s kind of predictable and some of the acting isn’t so great.  Too bad :frowning:

Oh noes! I know some people that are probably going to cry when they find out Heroes is being canceled.

I wanted to check out My Own Worst Enemy, but I guess I’m kind of late :frowning:

Weird I didn’t even know Heroes was putting out new shows. It had a ton of momentum until the writer strike, then it fell off my radar.

Heroes isn’t being canceled yet. They just fired a couple of their producers to shake things up.