My new Wolf

just got this guy this week he is a west coast wolf that was taken near kitamat BC, I had it made in to a head dress for native dancing. I hope to get one more this winter with a nice big winter coat.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

perhaps I’m missing something here but I thought you were all about saving the wolves and stuff of that nature?  isn’t this kind of against that?

um sure but this is a native head dress for dancing… so ya…

those wolves look a little flat maybe you should feed them :smile:

LOL, they’re  probably on an all berries diet…

hey man i’m not slaggin’ ya here i’m just a little confused…so as a conservationist it’s ok to kill something you are conserving as long as you put it on your head and dance around a fire? 

You going to infiltrate the wolf pack with those skins? You could get pretty close with them.

what can I say " I speak with forked tongue" but realy who cares, it looks fricken awsome, on my wall over the fireplace with my other animal pelts and first nation masks.

You astro are full of it! Don’t hide behind native culture in order to hang a wolf hide on your wall. This is not meant for dancing if you have it and it is hanging  on you wall. I as a Native am very insulted by this expoitation of our culture as an excuse for you to justify the killing of this wolf.

Somebody better go check on Astro. Someone else has clearly hijacked his name here.

Astro, I guess you know all the good areas to kill wolves locally so you should be able to get one with a good winter coat. Maybe take a couple I’m sure you could get some good money for them.

No really it’s a head dress for native dancing, my other skin is a coyote that’s on the wall over the fire place with my native masks and my baby girls regalia. I like to be in the middle of controversy.
I understand that as a person who loves wolves and protecting them, it might be odd to have a wolf skin or a coyote skin, but we are also wanting to use them for presentations in schools. Its hard to bring in a real live wolf but a pelt is easer you to do.

Just how did you obtain these pelts?


I don’t know if you did this intentionnally or not but this is a very nice example of mastery trolling :wink:

And I mean it in a good way. 

haha as soon as I saw those pictures, I ultimately pictured a “Kraven the Hunter” character walking around his house

they look pretty cool.

You are an excellent example of what a hypocrite is, now before you all defensive and shoot me three paragraphs of barely readable retort let me include that we are all hypocrites in some form or another, there are so many “grey” areas in life nowadays it seems impossible not to be in one subject or another, but the spotlight is shining brightly on you right now. :smiley:

Astro said that the wolf was “taken”.  We don’t know the exact fate of this animal from that statement so why make assumptions.
Also, one can be a conservationist and still value trapping and hunting. 
Those who oppose such a statement are ripe to join that extremist Sea Shepherd organisation.
I have studied lobster biology before but that doesn’t prevent me from having a tasty snack every now and then  :smiley:

I don’t think that Astrothug is a hypocrite; I think he is “stirring the pot” with this thread, having some fun.  I’m quite certain that he’s a bona fide conservationist.  Being a bit politically incorrect is a HTMF tradition. 
All in good fun. :smile:

thanks Hitest and bigthumb. I do like to stir it up, its always cool to watch people jump on what i say. I know the wolf was in a freezer in a taxidermist who does great work. I really  don’t know how it met its demise. but the next one I get this winter will be shot by a paid professional hunter I know.  :astonished: