My New Avatar

whichever is the newest I guess.



crazzy. thanks.

Not a problem matey.



[quote=“t-bone”]This summer I’ve been working with photoshop a lot. I’ve never really used it a lot so lately I’ve been fooling around with the different layer styles and filter/distortion stuff. I’ve also worked with a few tutorials.

How many of you use photoshop regularly? Is there some other program you like to work with more?[/quote]

If you want a great avatar, you should look for something that’s real. That’s what I did.

[quote=“Ghost3x”]I can.
What version preferably?

its like photoshop… i hate CS, and anything below 7 isnt as useful[/quote]

What version is it? I have 10 for windows, and CS for mac.



What about the options under Layer Style? Along with filters, those are the only things I know how to use. 8)