My favourite computer

This is still my favourite laptop. It’s getting old now, as it was made in 2011. But I still use it every day.


It’s super portable – 11" screen and very light. And great on battery life. I replaced the battery a couple of years ago, but other than that, it’s been perfect. It has battle scars from being dropped in server rooms, or stepped on by kids. The “T” key is a bit wobbly. It’s slow compared to my shiny new iMac or MacBook Pro, but I still use it every day.

Do you have a favourite computer?

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I would say that my favorite work station is my main PC that I sit at every day. It’s an older Dell Optiplex 790 i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz, 8 GB RAM, with a 1 TB hard drive. It’s running Slackware64-current and XFCE, so it’s still reasonably zippy.

Awesome. If you ever want to upgrade that computer, stick a $50-$60 SSD in as the main drive, and it will be like night and day.

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Great idea! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Just finished doing the Mojave upgrade for unsupported Macs on my 2008 Macbook. Aside from pretty dark top menu, all seems good. Did an SSD upgrade years ago and I still use it as my alternate and travel machine.
But I tend to use an 2014 Acer i5 Win10 laptop for 90% of things.
Got to the point I find anything without an SSD is barely usable. Just cloned her Mac mini to one, I’ll upgrade that sometime soon.
Scored a 120G SSD at the Source in Terrace for $30 to do her mini but I got so frustrated with a friend’s machine I stuck it in there instead. She’s rural and has no Internet so she leaves it here and uses it when she visits. I just got an 250GB Evo860 for about $70 for the mini.

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I’d still be using my 2008 MacBook (SSD and extra RAM), if it weren’t for drinkable yogurt spills… thanks kids.

My Plex server is running on a 2012 (I think) Mac mini still. SSD and extra RAM there too, and hooked up to a Drobo.

I love keeping stuff running for as long as possible.

This server is now running on a laptop with a broken screen. I installed a bunch of RAM on it, an SSD and a larger hard drive, and installed VMWare ESXI on it, and now it hosts 7 different virtual servers, including this web server and a Minecraft server, my “radar” server, etc.

Check it out:

Another server it hosts is doing my weather station stuff:

All of this from a laptop with a broken screen that nobody wanted :slight_smile:

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