My daughter has a loose tooth

Yes she does!

What does a tooth go for these days? How much does the tooth fairy bring?

Excellent, better start tying the string to the door knob.

I get a toonie, cha-ching!

I only got a dollar or two at the very most, that was back in the 80s… now I hear of kids get 5 or 10 bucks…

If I got ten dollars a tooth, my smile wouldn’t be very pretty.

My dad used to yank mine out with needle nosed plyers for me. No he wasn’t torturing me, I wanted him to take the annoying things out.

Dr Lindley used to freeze me up and take mine out. I have bionic teeth ya know.

more like ford pickup and diamond line.

pfft, yeah like the fords better then the door. :unamused:

Ahh… c’mon, you know that deep down you really like Fords.

its a race to see if its her tooth or the bumper that falls off first.

My money’s on bumper. Goooooo bumper!! :smiley:

Go Banana!

Has the tooth came out yet, Bigthumb?

Yep, she pulled it out herself. Toothfairy gave her two toonies.

Rock on, Garth.

toothfairy must be grinding them up and mixing it with cocaine these days…
i only got $1 for my teeth.

Two toonies is a pretty sweet deal for one toof.

booo i only got like 50 or so cents for my loose teeth :neutral_face: