My Computer, After Cable Management. what are your thoughs. :)

here are a couple links to my youtube account, I uploaded a couple videos of my attempts at Cable Management, and I painted the inside black, outside urban Camo.

just something I did quickly on my days off, I got tired of looking at the ball of wires inside my case, let me know your thoughts, or questions.

topic name should be "what are your thoughts.  I had to work late and didn’t get home until about 7a.m. and was really tired when I posted this.

Great now amplify that to about 400 42U racks and you got yourself a job.

That’s really nice uno, pretty sleek stuff. I wouldn’t mind my computer looking like that! :smiley:

hehehe yeah we’ll have to set something up, get your tower over here one night when i’m not working and i’ll do up your wires for you

You should’ve went with something like this instead…