My cat

<-------------My puddie is a sniper. I had to take a picture of him with is new riflle.

Too cute. You should see my 18 pound Tabby attacking my other 8 pound cat…it’s quite entertaining too.

Holy kitty are you serious? 18 friggen pounds! :open_mouth:

This size? LOL!

Yup, serious. 18 whole pounds, if not more. She seems to be expanding. lol…I call her my little tank cat.

HI Goobylicious
I had a 18 pound short hair manx, when he walked you could see his musles rippling under his skin. he also wore a dog collar with hug spikes. I have a pic of him I will post latter. My cat Big Kitty killed 2 of our dogs he would chase then into trafic and stop at the road, he also Killed one of our cats puntured his tummy with his teeth. some times he would fight with the raccons, and on accations would come home with big open scratches that would need stiches. When I moved from the charlottes, I brought him with me. he ran away and never saw him for a year, I was across town when I spotted him I called his name and he came over, I was so surprised he was alive the people in the area said he was a bad cat that beat all the animals up there, I took him home and decided to get him fixed. He was a bad cat spray on everyhthing …lol… so off to Dr Kenedy he went he got fixed… Well a few weeks latter he died after the opperation. I miss him dearly its been 14 years since he passed on…

That is a great story. Your mailman must have been living in fear for 14 years. Classic garfield. :laughing:

I bet you that cat would have given a kangaroo a run for its money, and take its title away, because they are good boxers.

My newphew had a pretty reliable cat back in the 90’s. We were watching our neighbors dog chase it to the back of our house; then all of a sudden you would hear yelp yelp yelp. Than all we see next is that dog running home with the cat dangling off it’s ass. :laughing:

But you had a mean cat. That’s great.

I had a 22 LBS tabby that passed away recently from a heart attach. He was like a perfectly even 3 dimentional cube. Daily diet was 5 or 6 birds a day as well as a cat food snack every 2 hours.

SHit if we knew people had these kind of cats around, why not a contest of some sort.

We should modify Eminem’s song lyrics of “My Band” and make a song “My Cat” !

See who comes up with the funniest song.

Since we are all telling at stories, I thought I would share a few words about mine.
I moved up here from Powell River and left my first cat, Kobe at my parents.
I got a bit lonely while I was going to school in Prince Rupert, so I adopted a cat named Crook.
I left Rupert and found work elsewhere and later left Crook with my parents, once again.
So now they have two cats that were originally mine. My parents often talk about putting to sleep, but I told them that costs too much. I would find it more entertaining to teach them to swim the Kitimat River.

You guys should ask Kittybumfloss about her cat.

How about the Maine Coon cat which can reach weights of 30 lbs.

Holy Cat!!! It looks the size of a little kid…

Here is big Kitty he’s the 18 pound manx I had when I was younger

The Cat High Timez posted was doctored thats so fake…lol

wow that cat’s huge.

This is Roo, he’s only about twenty pounds at 16 months. He even knows what a treadmill is good for… sleeping on.

Has anyone else here ever had a 3 legged cat? She didn’t start off that way, but when I was 5 she disappeared for 2 days and came home dragging her leg behind her. She had got stuck in a bear trap, or mauled by another animal, and instead of putting her down, my mom made sure she got fixed up. She got the back leg removed totally, and a pin stuck in her good leg, and within a week she was chasing birds and her sister around my house.

That was one tough cat… she used to beat up our neighbor’s dog, and we once saw her actually clawed into the dog’s back, almost riding him down the street while the dog was freaking out. That was the funniest thing to see when you’re 9 and your cat is riding a dog down the street.

Or… or… :laughing: That’s terrible what happened to you cat. I just find your erratic conclusions of what happened to be somewhat ammusing. Since when are there bear traps in Rupert anyway? I shut my cats tail in the sliding glass door and it was crooked and disturbing to look at for a while… Luckily after a couple of minutes, his tail returned to normal. Wait, maybe it got stuck in a bear trap.

There used to be a huge undeveloped lot right beside my house, that was home to 3 bear traps, and my fort, which I used to sit in and throw water balloons at cars. Great fun when people had no idea where they were coming from. :smiley:

I’m also going by what the vet said, as he said it was either a trap, or a bigger animal.

Or an alien with a bone-lazer! :wink: Ok, Ok… glad it stuck around after that. Some cats get the shaft after such accidents.