My camera is BROKEN!

So the camera I’ve had for about 8 months now, broke sometime last night, or early this morning. The LCD no longer functions and just shows a white screen, with a black stripe going diagonal through a corner, which automatically made me freak out when I saw it.

I take great care of my stuff, and my camera was always in it’s padded case, and I hadn’t dropped it, or squished it at all, and it worked fine when I took some pictures last night.

Has anyone had a problem with their LCD screen doing anything like this because of a temperature change? I brought the camera in to Shutter Shack this morning and they are sending it away. I’ll be digital-less for over 2 weeks :cry:

It figures it would break now, just because I actually HAD to take pictures of things today and we have a hockey tournament this weekend. :frowning:

Don’t feel bad… I grabbed my camera the morning after a halloween/bday party to check the pics and both lcds (top and back), were cracked, the lens is ok, but the aluminum housing is dented, and the thing doesn’t even turn on… Completely dead. I’ve had mine since around xmas 2000 though.

The sad part is how all of the NiMh AA cells and CF cards I have collected over the years won’t be compatible with my next camera. I’m leaning towards a 3 or 4 MP Elph. The processor in those little buggers is so quick, snap, snap, snap… and the movie quality is incredible for the camera size.

I love my Elph. It went everywhere with me.

The Elf uses SanDisk doesn’t it?

Well, if you don’t mind a bit bigger of a camera, the A-series cams use both AA batteries and CF cards. I used to have an A70 and it was a good little camera. S-series are more portable, but I can understand the desire for an Elph, those things are so small and take pretty decent photos.

I wish I could stick my 10D, lenses, flash, light meter, memory cards, sync cables, and cleaning stuff all in one pocket. I had to buy a backpack :frowning:

I think all the Elph’s use Secure Digital cards. Mine does anyways.

Mine uses compact flash…

There’s both. My Elf uses CF, so I can share cards with some of the other cameras around here…

I’ll check that out then… Luckily my 512MB CF card that went through the wash and dryer last week still works, and the data is even there still.

I love the fact that Shelly had her camera at the ortho the other day (when I discovered my camera was toast) and I just popped my SD card out and into her camera to take some pics of my horror-show mouth.

Of course now those pictures are going to be stuck on my card a while, unless I try a little harder than usual.