Music Recording

Here’s where the old guy needs help from the younger set. I have an interesting problem regarding mp3s, iPods and CDAs…
A kid in town is quite the upcoming singer, and David Foster sent him an mp3 of an original song he has to rehearse.
He can’t download his mp3 to his iPod. His computer is SOOOOOO f&*#(ed up he can’t do squat with it, even play it on the computer. It’s in my shop while 3x10^23 spyware files get removed and the like. But he needs that file.
I loaded it to my USB stick. It plays on other computers. I burnt his Mom a data CD, and other computers will play it. Her mp3 compatible in the car won’t. I tired three times to burn it to an audioCD but the file is unreadable by anything.
So it wont play as mp3 on an iPod or a mp3 disk player, but it will on a computer and theirs is so hooped it won’t be fixed in time.
Is this due to rights management or something else??
I don’t have an iPod, I don’t even download and burn CDs to play in the car cuz they all sound like crap to me (about as good as AM radio).
Help? pls?

Is it really an mp3 file?  No DRM on mp3.  It may actually be something else, like a WMA file?

Is it a VBR mp3 file?  Can you load it in itunes?  or in quicktime?  If so, you can export it as a normal mp3 file.

The file extension is .mp3, how do I tell re: VBR.
The XP computer got brought in as it will not run iTunes or Quicktime. I couldn’t even remove Quicktime, add/remove simply gives a fatal error if you try. I will be attempting to regclean remove and reinstall Quicktime/iTunes this morning.
It’s gonna be a bugger as there are 8 users on the computer, over 135/160GB used and defrag analyze shows more red than anything else…
I was wondering if the file could have some kind of protection, as it is a David Foster original that is not released at all. He would be VIP enough to have ppl protect his stuff.
Keep your radar on for Cody Karey from Fort St James… already won many contests, Foster’s taken him under his wing. Nice kid, if you saw him you’d think linebacker instead of ‘next Michael Buble’… tells me he has 7 more years to think about entering Canadian Idol if he needs to… LOL

what happens when you try to play it? does it look like its playing but no sound? or file error?
if you can find a machine it does play on, yours lets say, convert the .mp3 into a .wav . then re-encode the .wav back into an .mp3, or just use the .wav to burn an audio cd. if you want you can email me the file and ill do it for you