Murder at the Pacific Inn?

Now there’s a juicy beginning to a thread. I will offer no details of what else I’ve heard.

Let the speculation begin … :imp:

Oh that’s just not fair.  If you’re going to start a rumour, the tradition is that you tell us what you heard!

In the '70 in Kamloops, there was a news story about UFO sightings around the area. There were so many calls into the paper it was laughable. Seems the original story, which was treated as such in the newspaper, actually originated in a Psych class at the college.

So I’m fishing …

I have heard the same which may point to murder, or is it just anger on the part of the family who have lost a loved one, I was speaking with one family member and he gave me some lowdown as to what. Money is the instrument of evil.

But it was love that was the catalyst …

Come on, fess up, what do you know? :smile:

That there is question as to second autopsy being performed , there is ongoing investigation and some family members who question missing items. Other than that let R.C.M.P. work it out.It all seems pretty straight up.

Have I missed something in the translation here  ?????

It wasn’t a murder.

Basically the only speculation this thread will get is from people who are already in the know.  Shame on you for leaving us peons out in the dark while you horde your gossip like a dragon on a mountain of gold.  Shame. 

There was no murder, the man died of completely natural causes in his room.

The reason why it was thought it might be murder is because of some questionable bruising that appeared on his body as well as his brain.  There were also concerns about the company he was keeping at the time.  This is why an investigation started.  The second autopsy did reveal that he died of natural causes.