Municipal Elections 2008 Part 1

Let’s see how everyone feels with 2 months to go before the Municipal Elections.

Is Herb really that bad?  Tell us why you like or dislike the job he is doing as mayor.  Positive attributes and comments are welcome. And remember be brief and stay on topic.

“Depends on who else is running.”

That’s so true in the last election.

Just hope there’s more mayoral candidates this time, with two or three of them viable enough to be considered for the job.

Not just Herb Pond and some other hippie lady like the last time.

I have a feeling I’ll be supporting the incumbent, but it would be irresponsible of my to make my mind up so early. Someone may very well run that is more appealing. Vote: Depends who else is running.

As i stated before, i happen to think Herb is a fantastic salesman. He can sell our city to those outside in a way few before him have. I suspect i will likely vote for him; but i will ensure that i vote in a council that can help with the “details”. I don’t think i’ve seen very many alternatives who have both charisma and the details personality down so I’ll wait and see who else runs. If Oprah runs, i’ll likely vote for her!

I appreciate that you like Herb or you think that he is a great salesman. He has a gift of the gab well he thinks its a gift, he has all the makings of a Gordo or even Bush. When is he going to let the so called world he knows that we are open for business and start thinking of the people who happened to vote for him last time?

Depends on who else is running.

Well, I agree that he is a great salesperson. Pretty much sold himself to us during the last elections.

Herb Pond has some great qualities that I like but also a few that I don’t like.  He is a great ambassador for our city but I’d like to see some more results for our community out of all of these business trips.  At some point the travel tree has to bear some fruit.  If another good candidate came along with something to offer I would have to consider giving my vote to them.


Herb is certainly a friendly, charming fellow.  I do like him.  However, I am disturbed by this administrative assistant fiasco.  I like transparent governance.  I become suspicious when a cover-up happens. :imp:

It seems that we are in all agreement that Herb possesses some outstanding qualities - particularly his ability to “sell” the city.  I think that is what initially endeared him to the electorate, and the qualities that still attract some support from some people.

However, we also need a leader - not a figurehead. 

We have some serious issues not addressed by flying to China or getting photo-ops.  We need infrastructure replacement (sewerage, roads, etc.), a decrease in our extremely high residential taxes, tackling the high city debt load, real economic diversity outside of the big industrial development (i.e. the port expansion), addressing high crime and associated social problems, and a multitude of many other serious issues seemingly not even on the radar at City Hall since they are presumably less “sexy” than port announcements.

We need true leadership.  This latest fiasco at City Hall seems to indicate that we are getting anything but.  I can’t help but feel that Herb’s need to get his ego stroked (along with a few other conflicts on the council and within City Hall) has impeded leadership in this city.

So, where do we go from here?  Who wants to step into this current mess?

I guess we will find-out later this year (November?).  Either through the next election, or by choice (maybe Herb wishes to try provincial politics next?) - my guess is that Herb’s days in municipal office are indeed numbered.

That is a great statement.