Municipal Election

We’re heading into the nomination period for the municipal election next week. Anybody heard who might be running (or any opinions on who you’d like to see?)

The only one I know for sure is Pond will re-run for mayor. I’ve heard Jack Rudolph and possibly Jack Mussalem (bad spelling?) may run - but then i heard the latter got a job out of town and left. I doubt Rudolph would go toe-to-toe with Herb… I have it on good authority Bill Belsey will not be running despite rumours…

For council, who knows? I assume Briglio, Cote, Bedard (although she could run for mayor…) Kennedy, Kinney will all re-run. I’ve heard Steve Fitzpatrick and Danielle Dalton will definately try again. Anybody know for sure or heard any other names?

I have to respond to this one last post.

Ive heard that Pond may have a job out of town. Lets cross our fingers. Mussallem from what I hear is already up north in a City Administrators roll but may return. Rudolph…who cares. If he runs it will be a blow out loss. Ive heard that Danielle Dalton, Fitzpatrick may run as well as the Belsey rumour. Ive also heard that Marty Bowles of the teachers union and Joy Thorkelson of the Fisheries union may run. Let me urge all of you to vote for change. Not all of our councillors have done a bad job but some of them have been in too long and that can mess with your head, especially what we’ve been through here. There has been alot of arrogance in City Hall the last few years and its time to hand it back to the citizens.

I think that if Belsey and Bowles ran that it would be interesting as Bowles was Coons campaign manager. Could be interesting.

If what I am seeing would be correct, it could be too much union and that would scare many citizens. Even slates would be very negative in the long run but yes someone who is not afraid to represent the citizens and deal with issues.

Maybe someone will suggest flying Cristy Clark in and run her for Mayor, she could use the practice at least in the running part. Herbie could really have reason to not stop talking, Bill would just smile , Jack would make his silly comments, Nelson would who knows, Tony maybe a move , Kathy I don’t think she will show this time, Paul still smiling and Mr. Cote well he is just keeping an eye on everyone of the players.

Marty Bowles as mayor would be so cool.

I have TOTAL confidence in his ability to be a statesman, not a politician.

To give the Youth a voice, a 19 year old former CHSS student president is running for council. It is time that we stood up and had a say in the future of the town which we will inherit.

Well I wish any youth good luck with becoming a council member. Rupert has always been a “old boys” kind of town so even if someone that young got elected, I think they would be in for a tough time.


It’s time these “old farts” move aside, and let able people run this city. Someone who isn’t looking out for just their own ass, that is.

What the hell does the mayor even do? The mayor and council just make minor decisions as far as I know… will one person or another really make much of a difference?

I know one does photo opts and a whole lot of PR stuff. Now the other six not quite sure there. I guess it depends why they are there and for who.

Well, I dunno if you’d call making Citytel a corporation a minor decision, or giving tax breaks to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army a minor decision. Then there were decisions about the port, tax breaks for businesses, negotiating with Firefighters, cutting the number of RCMP officers, setting the stage for the container port, cutting garbage collection etc. These were all council things, weren’t they? I think with the shrinking of the city, there’s been a lot for the mayor and council to do…

But you’re right, the council members are just as important as the mayor in some ways.

It probably would have gone ahead no matter who…


Meh, the port is gonna do it’s thing no matter…


Photo ops?

I’m not denying they don’t have some work cut out, but how is one person or another really gonna make that big of a difference?

China Paper Group (or whatever it’s called) is owned by the Chinese government, and run by the Army and/or Army officers. Sort of a Chinese version of a crown corporation.

I kinda like making the direct connection for the shock value. Same when people ask if they should buy an IBM Thinkpad. I always correct them and say “You mean a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Lenovo Thinkpad?”


Yeah, you’re right. It’s always a group thing anyway. So maybe what’s important is to have a wide range of opinions and points of view. That certainly exists now.

How does the council work anyway? I know some councils the mayor doesn’t even vote unless there’s a tie.

We need some names of hitters out there who we feel can do the job as council people representing the people who put them there and who can be a team leader not a showman for mayor.I even heard Lowthar or however you spell it is planning on a run.

Kathy Bedard and Jack Rudolph are both space case goofballs. Don’t get me started on the criminal Tony Briglio, who you might see in a back alley, exchanging suit cases with some other stranger the day before the election. Marty Bowles, although very biased, is an honest person, and the whole point to the election, is to vote the lesser evils. Cote, Kennedy, and Kinney are all straight shooters, and will keep any new blood in line. Joy Thorkleson, as far as I know, is not running for cousil. Mussalem, I thought was a good mayor, and I hope to see him back.

Yeah, Jack is City Administer I believe in Tumbler Ridge or something like
that. But why is every one picking on Tony , Jack and Kathy . Ok maybe silly questions .

Have you ever watched a counsil meeting… thats why!

No all I have is CBC , ever try watching that. Its a surprise that they don’t have split screen on there like council used to. Do you think Paddy Green may come along or McLean?

We do need some strong female voices in there, not like Kathy’s sounds like a bad impersonation of E.Basso. Speaking of Basso what about Dale one more time, new wife new seat.

He has a new wife? :astonished: He’s still as scummy as ever in my eyes.

so thats what, his 5th or 6th wife?.. wonder how many he has over seas…
Anyway, I have confirmed that Joy Thorkleson is running as counselor. I think that shes a better politician than Kathy. I only know this because Joy only argues about things she spent weeks researching, so she knows all the facts. Kathy, I’m not sure if she did any research on the bills she passed, because she thinks everything is a good idea. In order to get a good balance in the system though, we need to have a good mix of pro union people and pro business people.