Muffin Etiquette!

I was bored, obviously, or I wouldn’t be posting a topic as mundane as “muffin etiquette” but I figured a little more “tasteful” (pardon the pun!) than cellphone etiquette , topic du jour a few days back. So, how do you eat your muffins? And do not try to slide bagels in this topic as I will need that for the next night that I am sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Curious minds need to know, I myself, slice mine in half so that both halves have a top and a bottom and more area for butter and stuff of choice so fellow HTMF members, no more sitting try to solve the woes of the big world, THIS is an important issue… :unamused:

I honestly can not eat muffins anymore due to the things I have seen , you walk down the streets and you see all these girls with jeans real tight on there asses , with this roll of skin flopping out the top . I call that the muffin top fashion and now I hate muffins . So I may see you when we get into Bagels .

                                              Hey there :smiley:  You may not eat muffins but I know for a fact you could use a donut…right? :wink:

There’s a Seinfeld clip for every trivial subject!


Barbershop Quartet serenade next time you’re at Timmies!

When you’re eating muffin, do you eat the red ones last?
Do you lick them very slowly, or tongue them very fast?
Do you dive right in an gobble,
just to get it over fast?
When you’re eating muffin, do you eat the red ones last?


Don’t eat the red ones at all… they’re tainted!

Are we even talking about muffins anymore? Because I suspect this topic has gone south…(pun totally intended).

You americans are so wasteful to destroy something as sacred as a muffin and throw the bottom part into a garbage container…It confuses one such as I, This will be brought up with several relief agencys. My people will take those “Stumps” Off your hands. actually I will take them and give them to my people as a gift from myself, they need not know where they came from.

You are suppose to be dead.