Mudslide - Road closed

Hi everyone. there’s a huge mudslide 35 km east of Teraace I had a local send me picture that they took and have posted it on my photosite.
It’s pretty tremendous i’m guessing it’s going to take a while to clear. It’s been reported to be about 40 ft high and 200 ft wide. a doozy for sure.


Amazing sight. :astonished:  I hope no one was killed.

The tourists are trapped! Gouge em good!!!

Heh, I overheard some tourists in town talking today about the mudslide:

"Well we can stay here a day or two if we have to"…muhahahhaha…there is no escape from PR. :smiley:

Well if you were any kind of Lou Grant, you’d break the budget and get a helicopter shot… :stuck_out_tongue:

or better yet find an empty seat in a small local plane from Terrace that’s flying over and will take me for peanuts.

dude its only like 36,000 cubic meters of rubble, they will have it cleared so your emails can get through soon enough.

Hey folks,

Check out the pics on

Mail is being run around through the Nass on the Cranberry Connector.

I ran into the mail truck drivers and Tim Hortons last night.  stories online.

check out some other and the same stories at

This is really easy news.

Don’t have to work to hard to find these stories

If you find anything unusual or interesting you can post to these sites yourself, pick your own pass word and post away.


Gee lucky you don’t depend on fiber… :smiley:

Don’t be silly, it’s not closed!

My buddy just came down the highway. He had to take a detour up toward Stewart, then on some Forest Service roads, and down through the communities north of Terrace. He said there was a fair bit of traffic considering the craphole roads.

Anyone have updates on the progress of clearing the road? We’re planning to head to Terrace next weekend and I really would prefer to take the car instead of my rattly old gas guzzler 4x4.

Looks like it is opening up for a limited time each day.

I just came through today, no problems at all. They have one lane cleared and are letting people through at different times throughout the day. The trick is just to time it right so you get to the roadblock just before they start letting people go to avoid the wait.

I took the cranberry connector on Monday and I wouldn’t suggest taking it unless you have to. The road is a typical dirt logging road so expect rock chip damage. The biggest fear though is the idiots who don’t take thier time. On monday I was traveling through to PG and had three different people nearly crash into my front end because they were going too fast. I even had my headlights and four way flashers on.

It sounds nice already! What’s the make/model/year?

Vehicle found at mudslide site…

From the RCMP website

Update on Mudslide on Highway 16, 38 km east of Terrace, BC

On June 4th, 2007, the Terrace RCMP received a report of two overdue travellers. As a result of inquiries related to this report, police attended the scene of last week’s mudslide on Highway 16, 38 km east of Terrace, BC. With the assistance of the Ministry of Transportation, a search was conducted and a vehicle was located buried in the debris.

The police will be working at the scene throughout the day in an effort to recover the vehicle. At this time, police are unable to confirm if there are any victims inside the vehicle.

A futher press release will be forthcoming at the end of the day.

Released by

S/Sgt Stubbs
Terrace RCMP
Phone: (250)638-7416

SO sad…I hope they died fast, and didnt suffer under 40 feet of dirt and mud…My heart goes out to the familly’s

they were a couple from Williams Lake

here is an update…it’s closed now and they are letting nobody through

you are now up to date

All this good news just makes me want to sing…