MTV Signs Mike Tyson

To Star In
Real World Atlantic City

Due to the immense popularity of “The Osbornes”, MTV has searched for a another family/personality whose life they could document on film. After hours of rigorous negotiations, they have signed none other than “Iron” Mike Tyson to be a special celebrity guest on the Real World Atlantic City next year. Noody was stupid enough to live with him, so they had to hire actors.

Episode #1

Tyson gets pissed at one of his roommates
for using his shampoo.

Episode #2

Tyson apologizes to his limo driver for
calling him a faggot white devil

Episode #3

Tyson introduces us to his friend Louis and his obsession for young she-males.

Episode #4

A she-male accuses Tyson of rape.
He was acquitted of all charges thanks to Judge Judy.

Episode #5

One of Mike’s 15 illegitimate kids shows up for an afternoon of hijinx and fingerpainting.

Episode #6

Tyson’s roomates call a house meeting. The topic of dicussion…?
Tyson’s ass crack.

Episode #7

Tyson goes down to the beach and makes quick friends with hippies.

Episode #8

One guy was nice enough to pass Tyson a bowl filled with some good wacky winter weed.

Episode #9

Tyson poses for the camera minutes before sexualy assaulting his roomate.

Episode #10

Tyson and Dyan Cannon in the backyard, right before he sexually assulted her.

Episode #11

In the season finale, Tyson’s dog
comes out of the closet.

I am surprised he hasn’t bitten anyone throughout it all…