MSN Virus dont accept

wow, this is you? …

thats what it says but its actually a dumb virus and it turned my antivirus off so now im in safe mode getting rid of this bugger

dont click the link!

ya, unless your not stupid and use firefox!

Mariena is stupid she clicked it thus why she is posting it :smiley: HAHA HAHAA HAA

Dude, you drive a fag wagon! Haaaaah!

why would you post it if you dont want us to click it?!
all’s that is doing is embarrassing yourself

I was dumb enough to click on it 6 months ago or so, and it slowed down my computer a lot. Webpages wouldn’t open nearly as fast as usual, some wouldn’t open at all… and a lot of programs started going screwy.

But it was all fixed soon enough once I realised all I had to do was go into system restore and roll back a couple days. I then scanned the crap outta it and it was fine after that.

get mig to click on it and downlad it as a txt file see what it does to the registery :smiley: