MS Visual Studio .NET

Does anyone have a copy of VS.NET 2002? A project that I’ve been working on for the last 18 months has come to a grinding halt because I can’t seem to compile an installer.

All I need is an installer built with Crystal Report’s merge modules included or perhaps if someone has a copy of VS.NET 2003 I can “borrowâ€

I have VS.NET 2003 you can borrow. Totally legit educational version too. Oh wait, that’s just Visual Basic.NET. I’ll see if the whole studio thing is here.

Edit: Yes, have the whole package here. If it’s for educational use, of course, to be used within CHSS only. E-mail me.

That’s perfect. I’m just a lowly VB developer anyway.

Where can I pick it up? I’ll give you that $5 I owe you while I’m there.

Dude, you don’t owe me $5.00. It was a joke. But um, e-mail me.

I was um… joking too… stuffs money back in pocket

Crystal Reports was a cool software : O ) what you building alistair ?

p.s you suck at emails you never email be back…

I wouldn’t call it cool, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

I’ve been developing a management application for my dad’s company for a while now.

I failed “Responding to Emails 101”

DUH !!!


How is it comming ?

It sucks. I’m a lousy programmer. Getting better all the time though.

Practice makes perfect : O )