Mr. Veniez, for the defence of Mr. Veniez!

He has taken a bit of time to work through his thoughts, and in what has been his favourite form of communication of late, Dan Veniez takes to the editorial pages again, this time weighing in on the pages of the Daily News, outlining his take on the recent developments at Ridley Terminals, developments which resulted in his dismissal as the President and Chairman of the facility…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 0523846399 )- 

Considering that the feds have recently contributed $8 million to Ridley Terminals to cover cash shortfalls  - see Northern View article - there seems to be some truth to what Mr Veniez says about coal companies wanting services that are subsidized by taxpayers. It is interesting to note that one company gets services but apparently refuses to pay anything … and gets away with it.

My read is that Mr Veniez’s comments should not be dismissed as bluster. Or put another way, perhaps it is time to move past his controversial involvement in New Skeena, and look more closely at what he is saying about Ridley … move from ancient history to current events.

He may be 100% right. The problem he has here though, is that he has a credibility problem. There are a lot of people who don’t trust him and never will.

Yes, he seems to have a valid message - essentially that the public is being ripped off by big coal - but he is not a good messenger.