Mr. Mikes opening soon

The long awaited Mr.Miked Steakhouse is finally opening soon…will be located where Johnny B’s used to be…sign is up announcing it.

Great news! Looking forward to going there.

Another business about to open up and then close ,possibly a good location but most Mr Mikes are in there own stand alone location and have sufficient of strwet parking of there own.I wish them luck though .

I wonder what kind of lighting they will have, there certainly is no natural light.

None. They don’t want you looking to closely at the food.
Don’t expect much, then you won’t be grossly disappointed. The old Mr Mikes was better - cheap steaks and a big salad bar.

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Non typical locations is pretty much the MO for Rupert franchises…Walmart, Pizza Hut, Subway, Tim Hortons…none of those businesses operate in locations typical of their franchise…and all of them are still operating.

And right next to Rodhos to boot. I know where il be going for my steak, they have windows and fantastic pizza

Yep. I prefer Rodhos pizza. :slight_smile:

I cant believe that out of all the empty shells and buildings around Rupert they had to decide to open there. My only thought is that perhaps the owner of the Rupert Hotel has a hand in this

Wonder what’s going to happen next for the original proposed site… the old VIA Rail station.

There is parking in the back. Perhaps there will be dedicated mr.m’s parking.

Mr Mikes is all ‘non typical’ in its lcations. Been to the one in Terrace, the one in Quesnel and a couple times to the new one in Prince George. You’d never tell by the layouts that they’re part of the same chain.
The PG one went into where East Side Mario’s (spectacular fail there) and has done fairly well. Not nearly as busy as it once was though.
Used to love the old Mr Mikes, no sports tvs, no pushing booze, steaks were as good as the damn Keg and no supervisor griped about expenses when you ate there. Turning into the grumpy old codger I guess, annoyed at being dragged to noisy barns where the object seems to be to get as pissed as you can as fast as you can while stuffing your face with chicken wings.

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