Mr. Campbell's version of the fireside chat

It’s going to be take two when it comes to message delivery, as Premier Gordon Campbell takes to the Global TV airwaves later this month, to expand on and perhaps deliver a more stirring review of his plans than the recent UBCM session provided for.

The Premier has asked for television time at 7 pm on October 27th to deliver what has been described as a “rare state of the province address”. And rare it is, the last time the Premier spoke to the province was almost two years ago on October 24th, 2008 when he held a televised session on how the province planned to cope with the Wall Street economic meltdown and the global impact of it.

His speech this time around will most likely try to address more local concerns (ie: items of worry for the Liberals at the moment) and is expected to try and recover some ground in the polls from the NDP after the Liberal’s less than successful HST strategy. It may also offer hints as to what may be in the Premier’s political future.

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