MP3 Player & Headphone Amp

I’m in the market for a portable mp3 player, with a headphone amp to boost sound to the headphones I own:

Any suggestions for either?..

I don’t have that many mp3’s (about 22GB) so I’m thinking a 20-30GB player is suffice but I’m not sure which company I want to go with or what model.  :confused:

I know very little about headphone amps; only that they’re a necessity if you want some decent sound out of said headphones. :smile:

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, by the way… I’m not a “smaller is better!” Nazi. Bulky is “ok”, to me. hehe

you don;t need a head phone amp if you have decent head phones.

The I-pod’s are nice, the I-pod video players are pretty power full.

I’m picky with head phones so i bought a pair of nice Bose ones.

Well, actually you do need one, to provide sufficient power to the headphone/s.

I’ve heard these (headphones) on the iPod before (and some others, Creative Zen, etc) and I just don’t get the volume I want out of the player itself. Even at full/100% volume, it’s not nearly enough. Most (all?) mp3 players simply don’t have a large power supply so an amp simply boosts the power.  :laughing:

Thanks for the input, too! :smile:

Like i said above, if you have efficient head phones you DON’T need a amplifier. However you have non-efficient ones BOO HISS…

You could build one, or buy a nice one for pretty cheap. Ive seen them around i built one for a guy with all SMD part’s. It was pretty nice. I only used it once then he bought it.


Yea, but, any headphones are only as good as the power-source backing them (as is the case with speakers). And with consumer mp3 players, it’s just not sufficient. It’s like pairing 5,000 dollar speakers with a 100 dollar amp, otherwise.

I first heard of headphone amps when I phoned Virgin Records, Vancouver, and complained about “just not getting the volume I want out of the (or any) player, even at max volume…” at which point he suggested a headphone amplifier.


Thanks, too! :smiley:

Edited: Oh, also, the ideal player need not play/store/etc anything other than mp3. I don’t need video, photo or other types of media. However, if all players essentially have this capability, it’s fine. But it’s just not a determining factor, for me. Just mp3. hehe

… As for how loud do I want to go?..

Not sure, frankly. I mean, when I listen with these headphones on my PC (Soundblaster Audigy2 soundcard), using Winamp, at approx~ 50% volume, it’s about as loud as I seek.

When I’ve heard these same headphones on several portable mp3 players, it’s akin to keeping the volume at about 12-20% here (Winamp). So essentially, doubling the volume I’ve heard on these players would rock. Make sense? :wink:

Yes I hear ya. However the Audigy2 has a nice opamp to power those head phones. Most “Comercial” headphone amps are cheap shit and just mass-produced to garbage.  Look on where i am every day, i bet you can fine one for cheap that will work with your mp3 player, the trick is to have a decent audio player keep it at 40-50% volume then let the amplifier do the work, if you don’t then your basically amplifying the portable mp3 players distorted output.

Ah, nice advice. Thanks!

I don’t have a player, at the moment. I’ve simply used others, before. In the market for one; unsure what I want/need/what’s out there, etc.

Thanks, again!

Edited, again: I should rephrase “unsure what I want/need/what’s out there”:

What I mean is, I well know what’s out there, but I guess I was hoping someone here has a more personal recommendation. :smiley:

I recommend the Apple Ipod 30-60 gig ones. They rock. I have one. Head Phones are important, but buying the right ones for the right application helps. Having big head phones not always good. My advice look for a few mp3 players and start loooking for amplifiers. If you need help let me know, im always into helping people with audio. :smiley:

I’ll take all the help/advice I can get. hehe

Appreciated, mate. :smile:

Any time, just look at my pm button :stuck_out_tongue:


… K. Now what?  :stuck_out_tongue:

(kidding, but thanks, again!)

on my samsung i had to download a firmware to it to get a 5 band equalizer … not surprising it was under its capabilities on normal and i mean … it came like this? i was disappointed till i found out what  it could really do with that equalizer … nvr know somethin dumb like this could be happening to any of you as you read this  :wink: