Mozilla Replacement

Best Browser

  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Internet Exploder

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Mozilla has been causing me a LOT of grief lately. Opera 7 worth a try? I hear Opera charges for their betas… Anyways, is the free version full of ad-ware?

Whats the good version of Mozilla? It is currently 1.0.1 on my machine, and it screw up all of the time. i’m forced to use IE if I want to download things because Mozilla gives me 404s for all file links…

Couldn’t help you on that one i use IE and no nothing about browsers

give the new opera beta a try, its pretty killer, but i do notice it crashes once in a while but it has way slicker features than the last one, cept you gotta hack it a bit to get it really tight.

opera rips.

I can’t live without Mozilla’s tabbed-browsing and pop-up killing.

But don’t use the full Mozilla’s, they’re no better than IE. Grab one of the projects that uses the Gecko engine. I use Chimera on the Mac, and Phoenix on Windows. Program your middle button to open links in new tabs, and not allow unrequested pop-ups. It rocks.

Opera is ok, but because it won’t render a page until it loads all the stuff on it, one slow image link makes it go slow.

I was using phoenix for a while, I like the built in pop-up stoppping… I can’t even talk, I’m goign to bed… When I’m less intoxicated I’ll toy with my browser.

So pre-release project, sing gecko engine… will do. Thanx.

What the hell is this shit???!!

looks like your dns isn’t working?

By the time my little brain figured that out, the internet had completely gone down, even rupert sites by IP. Otherwise I would have deleted the post.

I havn’t used this machine for more than a few minutes for a long time… Is it normal for your HSF to wind down and wind up, and wind down and wind up?!! It’s goign insane, maybe I should replace it.