Moving to Rupert!

It’s pretty much a done deal that I will be moving to Rupert for a new job, and was basically wondering what it’s like? You can only get so much from the city website…so from those of you that live there, how is it? Alot musicians, or jam sessions? How’s the shopping variety? Cost of living ie. apartment rentals? Any good clubs/sports bars? What keeps you all busy? I’d appreciate any info!

There’s TONS of outdoorsy stuff to do, lotsa camping areas, fishing, boating, kayaking, picnicing, softball, flag football, soccer, rugby etc, as well as sporty indoor things like ball and roller hockey.  On nice days it seems like there’s always someone playing frisbee or volleyball on the courthouse lawn, and there’s always places to walk and explore as well.

The nightliife here is ok I guess, it’s not super busy… it depends on who you are and what crowd you want to hang out with.  Friday nights people end up going to one bar, and saturday another bar.  They show PPV stuff at a couple pubs, and they are usually good places to hang out with sports teams or groups of people. 

There’s a big theatre following in Rupert, and lots of pretty good local bands as well.  I know there’s at least 10 or so local “bandees” that cruise this site, so this is a good place to start if you are looking for someone to jam with.

Our shopping here could be better… but it’s not horrendously bad either.  Lots of people end up making the trip to Terrace to hit Canadian Tire and WalMart, but there’s places to shop here as well.  We have lots of independant businesses and eataries… McDonalds, Subway and Tim Hortons are the only chain restaurants we have here.

To me it seems like the cost of living here is pretty cheap, but I haven’t lived anywhere else, so I’m not the best judge for that.  You could get a very decent house here for under $175,000, and I would think the average rental price a month would be between $350 and $700.

Awesome, thanks for the info! Sounds like it’s fairly easy to keep busy.

Where are you moving from??  The whole region here is a great place to be if you love the outdoors.  There are endless things to do in any season.  You should be aware that it can rain occassionally here.  It can drag on and be difficult at times, especially in the winter months as we dont get much snow in town.  In the spring and summer there is no where that I’d rather be. 

I am moving from Peace River, and I am going to be working at The Mix…people have said to me "oh God, it never stops raining there, you’re gonna kill yourself after a few months"
but somehow I doubt it’s that bad…looks beautiful from the pics I’ve seen and everyone here seems to have good things to say, so I’m looking forward to it!

For the love of god push them to actually play new and different music. Oh and not many people take pictures of rupert when its raining, its still beautiful and to be honest sometimes i miss the rain  :blush:

To really answer the questions
Yes there are alot of musicians here and there are jam sessions around town.
The shopping isnt the greatest here but there is a new mall gonna be built here soon and also terrace is like an hour and a half away and its pretty good shopping there.
The cost of living here is cheap but its going up because of the new container port being built right now.The night life depends in how old you are, bogeys on friday night , the surf club or the commercial on saturdays is good and there are alot of young people out on those nites.Sollys and the rupert hotel are good places to watch sporting events and a love of the outdoors is a must here to keep an even keel, this is a fun town with lots of friendly people here if you look in the right places.

It’s like anything else…it’s what you make it. It can be difficult at times with the weather but if you let it get to you , you go nutty. Its a nice place with alot of history and even better potential. We have an airport too so sun is only a short flight and a few airmiles away. If you’re coming from the Peace then you should be used to life outside of the city.

Are you the person replacing Mike Lunn??

I’m used to living outside the city, but Grande Prairie isn’t too far from Peace River, less than 2 hrs, and about 40,000 people or so, so it made for an easy escape. And yes, I’ll be attempting to fill the big shoes of Mike Lunn.

I think I’m going to start listening to The Mix just so I know what I’m missing.

I can’t remember the last time I listened to the mix, it’s been years.
When do you get to town Mason?

so nobody listens to the station…fantastic!…If I do take the job, I’ll most likely be there mid June.

Hi Mason79, are you a musician?

There is not much for gear shopping in P.Rupert but Terrace has a ‘Sight & Sound’ which has some high-end gear.

The entire northwest is filled with good musicians.

yes, I’ve play guitar for about 12 years off and on…I love blues, but play a little bit of everything…As long as I there’s a music shop reasonably close I’ll be ok!

Cool! I’ve been playing (guitar) about 20 years now.

BTW, is your first name Mason? Just curious because that’s my five year old sons name.

actually, I use Mason as my last name on the air, I’m a big fan of Wide Mouth Mason, so that’s my nod to them! We’ll have to jam once I get to town, I’ll be bringing all my guitars for sure!

Hey bro, welcome to rupert…sort of…I’m the guy you are replacing, and don’t worry dude, the shoes aren’t that big.  Patrick aka poolboy called me a bully, and i’m more known for bartending at Rain.  You will have fun here, it’s a crazy town dude, and I come from Calgary.  Make sure when you get here you meet the people that listen to the station, and get to know the local business owners.  Brian and Char from Rain, Deb and Doug from West Coast Launch, Marvin and Margoret from Shirts by the Shore, and Dwayne from Entire Auto.  You will have a blast here.  Rupert has been good to me, and I’ll miss it.  you will have fun here and the people who listen to the station (both of them) will make your job easy.  have fun, and light em up


… I’m more known for bartending at Rain. [/quote]

I thought you were also known for your hardcore bowling skills too?  :smiley:

don’t forget those nunchuck skills

Ahhh…an identity to match up with those Wasteland threads. I liked you as a DJ and now my respect for you has grown 10 fold. Good job. Too bad you gotta go. Good DJ my friend, Mason does have big shoes to fill but I’m sure he’s up to the task.