Moving to Prince Rupert and looking for a vet

We’re moving to Prince Rupert from Vancouver at the end of November and we are trying to look for a vet for our dog. From doing a google search, there seems to only be one vet, Pacific Coast vet hospital. What are they like? What are their hours? Do they have emergency or after hours services? What is the vet’s opinions of raw diets and over vaccinations?

Thanks :smile:

he is a good vet but I haven’t owned an animal in over a decade so not too sure about that other stuff

If you really don’t want to take your pets to the vets here, an hour and a half drive away, in Terrace, there are a few Vet hospitals.
The staff at Pacific Coast are awesome and friendly. But I have a very biased opinion on one of the head vets there. Which I will keep to myself. Luckily they have two practicing vets working. There are emergency after hours services, you just call them at home. But they don’t stay over night with the animal at all. Not sure about the raw diets and vaccinations stuff though.

Welcome to the city of RAINbows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to Prince Rupert!!

Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital is the only one in town. They are open 6 days a week Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm and Sat 9:00am to 12:00pm.
I find them to be good but I especially like the new Veterinarian there, Dr. Jaimeson. She is awesome, I will only bring my pets to her from now on. When I call the office I ask specifically for her :smile:
There is an emergency number available, which I beileve is their home numbers.

I have only had good experiences with the vet hospital here. I have had sick and injured dogs and cats that have received great care. Dr. Kennedy is great at after hours care, I’m not sure about the other as I have never had to call when she’s on call. The tecnicians are good as well.

My cats aren’t vaccinated as they never go outside and I don’t get pressured when I take them there for other stuff. My dogs go about every 18 months and nothing is said.

As for Terrace - nothing confirmed, but I have heard they aren’t taking new patients, and I have been at the office here when people have driven form Terrace and Kitimat because they couldn’t get care in Terrace. Once was for a c-section for a little dog. The owner of that dog now brings her “mommies” and any new puppies here for all their care so she must be satisfied with the service and care.

The vet in Rupert is great.

We moved to Terrace and tried to get into one vet and couldn’t. Brought the dog to another vet for his vax and checkup. The vet seemed a bit on the woo side of things. Sorry, but homeopathy and naturalistic fallacies are non-starters with me. Really?

Next time, we brought our dog back to Prince Rupert for his vaccinations. Dr. Kennedy is awesome.

Our dog wags his tail and actually wants to go to the vet in Rupert.

Dogs also live off of your emotions. If you have any ill feeling towards someone, your dog can be like a radio antennae and pick up on it. As long as you go into the vet, in a positive, calm and assertive manner, everything will be fine.

Also, food.


Also, food.[/quote]

Too much time on reddit for me, I just tried to upvote this.

Anyhow, I’ve also had nothing but great service from the vet in Rupert.


Also, food.

Too much time on reddit for me, I just tried to upvote this.

Anyhow, I’ve also had nothing but great service from the vet in Rupert.[/quote]

Ummm… strange… I didn’t know you even had any pets!

In the almost 16 yrs I’ve lived here and with a multi pet household I’ve used the vets here quite a bit over the years.

I feed a raw diet and in the past have discussed raw vs processed with both Dr’s Kennedy and Jamieson and neither are too keen on them. Both stating they have seen examples of diets gone wrong. I personally feel they respect my decision to feed raw and we have agreed to disagree on the matter, especially with the good health and longevity I get with my dogs :wink:

As for vaccinations I am pretty sure Dr. Kennedy still promotes yearly vaccines :frowning: but I believe Dr. Jamieson does not.
As far as vaccinating goes it is extremely expensive unless you decide to go the cocktail route which is what they do up here. The all in one vaccines. They will happily order in single dose single vaccines for you but as they usually come in packages of more than one dose they will ask you pay for all the vaccines as most pet owners do not realise they have this option and so the vaccines go bad before they can use them. In the past I have had friends fly up vaccines for me from Vancouver as it cheaper in the long run.

If I were to reccomend one over the other I would reccomend Dr. Jamieson. As others have stated there are vets in Terrace, Dr. Farkvam being the most skilled…but he hasnt taken on new clients in years as he has a full practice.

Good luck and welcome to Rupert!


Also, food.[/quote]

Not always.

My dog wouldn’t eat the treats the vet gave him. At all. Until we changed our attitudes going in.