Moving out of town


Is it just me or quite a lot of people are moving out of town? I talked to quite a few friends and some said they were moving out for better jobs but most said just plain leaving for either same pay or less pay just to get out of here.

Some said it feels like crime is going up since a lot of seasonal jobs and stores went away. All said rent went crazy even if it’s lowering everywhere else or preferred to sale their houses since the market is still high and thought it will eventually crash, hard. There isn’t much to do or places to go but also the town feels like there isn’t much of a community to identify with. It feels divided.

It’s a sharp contrast with some richer folks moving up here buying expensive houses and driving nice cars working for really high paid jobs and bundling up together in fancier neighborhoods while a lot lot of other people have trouble paying the bills.

Population has been stagnant and lots of people from outside have been coming up here to fill certain good positions. What’s going on?