[quote]just in case anyone decides to install…“DONT”, they offer you a free trial for
three days …but dont relly tell you that you have to cancel in three days or you will owe them.When you download their software there is a bug or spyware or some kind of intrusive /malicious software that will start sending popups that cant be stopped without a lot of trouble, and the more you ignore them the more often they come up,it appears that they are logging into your computers IP and and bypassing any antivirus or antispyware program, if you remove their program in add/remove programs it will do nothing to solve the problem Should you have this problem, first do a search for any fle with moviepass in it, there are about 8-10 different files with different names associated with this, you have to do a msconfig and shut down the program, after computer shuts down, log back in under safe modeand do a search in my computer in the “C” drive and look for their files and remove them, if you try and remove in normal startup the files can not be removed as it is from a remote location or something like that…if i had not worked in tech support i would have had to see a compouter tech to get this crap off my computer, if you “Google” the name moviepass you will find all kinds of posts from people on different sites complaining about this problem. Hope this helps anyone who might have this problem."[/quote]

A buddy has somehow had moviepass installed and now can’t get rid of it. Swears he’s never installed anything from anywhere. Besides, he’s not that computer savvy.

Since I’m a Mac guy I don’t know what the terms “msconfic” and “safemode” are in order to help.

Anyone give a “buddy” a hand?

click start then click run, and type msconfig – then disable whatever doesn’t look familiar.