Move-in ready three bedroom, three bathroom home

This move-in ready three bedroom, three bathroom home has not only enjoyed numerous recent improvements but is located in a very desirable area as well.
A new roof, new kitchen and new main bathroom are just a few of the upgrades you’ll notice and the open kitchen, dining and living room is another feature that you’ll love.
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599 5th Avenue East - $189,000

Did anyone ever fix or address the problem with the beam under the house ? If not that will be one big expense and it will require much labor plus time .

stunning seeing the new prices on those town houses among other places …

as a child here in the 70s they were selling in the 30s and my step father thought there were biscuit boxes, also anyone buying is well advised to heed the advice of Justin Case, and have everything well checked lots of cover up in those places they look nice but be careful

If you would like to ask questions or make an offer contact the realtor.

Justin Case
Having been a fan of Dune, the X-Files and Tremors I become really worried when I hear of creatures that slither through ceilings, inside walls and under floor boards – so I respectfully request that in your slithering you avoid my home. I assume slithering is the only way you have evidence of your accusation…since it appears you have not done due diligence.
Or is the beam that you are referring to one to another dimension? Are you finding that it keeps on rejecting you – a sign of intelligent life in other parts of the universe perhaps?
Or are you intentionally trying to lower the value of the property? Tacky, tacky.


The house owner contacted me today to let me know that a structural engineer was hired to inspect the property. The following is the message that the home owner sent to me with excerpts from the engineering report.

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