Mouse being a pain in the ass

My cordless Logitech MX700 is being a pain in the patootie. It’s functioning like a normal, barebones, boring-ass mouse. None of the extra features work, like the forward and back buttons, scroll wheel, and scroll buttons… they don’t do a thing. The only buttons that work are the normal left and right click buttons.

I have the latest mouseware driver, it’s batteries are charged, it’s within normal range, and it still doesn’t work.

Any suggestions? The keyboard is working fine though… that I can see.

I bet you dont have the buttons bound to the functions you want. Open the logitech utility, or try in mouse settings under control panel and selct the function per button in the pull down tabs.

If not, you probably installed the wrong software… You need iTouch, eh.

Here’s the link. … entid=6997

I haven’t installed anything new, and I’m using the same drivers I always have, there haven’t been any new drivers for this combo in 2005 yet, and my iTouch is up to date.

Everything in the mouse properties is configured the same as it always was… with the buttons all assigned the same, and they show up in the options.

It’s been like this since I turned the computer on this morning… maybe I just need to reboot or something?? I thought I might have picked up a bug but I used Ad-Aware and Spybot and nothing unusual showed up.

You havn’t even rebooted? Seriously now, you might want to start with that.

Yeah I know… stupid me… but I had some mad downloadin goin on. haha

wouldnt it be easier to throw it out the window

No, because it works fine now.