Mount Hays Wind Farm

Not knowing the area, I’m just curious if the wind farm went ahead? If it did wast there any economic impact on the Prince Rupert area?


Nothing yet.

Here is their website.  It says that construction should be starting in 2008 or 2009.  I hope that this one actually breaks ground.

Is that the one that might endanger the flying dungeness?
Or was that flying Alaska King crab on their repeated every 3 hours migration between the DISCOVERY channel studio and the Bering Sea?

On an even more sarcastic note… … re=related

Recently met a couple of guys at Breakers who were down for their one day break from the back side of Mt. Hays where they were mapping bird flight patterns. So the preparatory work is continuing.

I’d be more confident in this wind farm project if we were keeping the energy made in Canada, instead of shipping it elsewhere.

And if we were to ship it elsewhere, I’d hope we would be making a rather large profit from it.

Saw this farmer in Vanderhoof sitting in the field. He’d scoot ahead a few feet, stop, scoot ahead, sitting down the whole time.
I asked him what the hell he was doing and he said
"Well Sonny, I’m burying farts. By August I’ll have my very own wind farm…"

I somehow doubt that much if any of the electricity produced from the Hays wind farm would see the US border. The resource is also renewable as opposed to finite in nature and rest assured that the corporation putting in this wind farm has done studies to assure it is profitable.

With the prospect of more mining operations in northern BC being developed due to the rise in metal prices, I see this project as a needed supply of electricity. I somehow doubt this increase in metal prices will be short lived as about 1/4 of the world population is beginning to see middle class living and will yearn for some more of the comforts we take for granted.

The average car requires 40 lbs. of copper. Even small homes require a few hundred pounds of copper. The infrastructure in China will require vast amounts of copper, steel, and stainless steel. The demand for silver has gone crazy, just call your local bank and ask about the availability of silver maple leafs.

Galore creek isn’t dead. Terraine Metals is going ahead with a mine between McKenzie and Ft. St. James and there are many more projects in various stages at this time. Some bark narcs might have to retrain but there is work coming up in many sectors as the infrastructure isn’t in place for those operations. The companies that build the infrastructure will also need materials and support from the communities they build near.

As for Prince Rupert, the port may be sitting all but idle for the time being but when the mining operations start taking off it will pick up. On the downside this will not happen over night as a mine isn’t built in a day.