Motorcycle For Sale/Mountian bike For Sale

1981 Honda CX500
good first bike
runs good
new seat
will need a welder to fix left side muffler
selling because I have bought a new bike

$1250 obo


2002 Brodie Enduro
Full suspension
5 inches front and back
hayes mechanical disc Brakes
shimano components
rapid fire shifters
race face seat post

the bike is in mint condition
received a 4.67 out of 5 rating on … 7075.shtml

paid 2500 for it

asking $1250 obo


selling both cause I got bills to pay, and a house to buy

thats not an offroad style motorbike is it?

Small cruiser.

Nice bike Spraxxx! If I lived in Rupert I’d probalby consider it. What’ve kind of motorcycle have you got now?

i now ride a yamaha R6

Ahh, a racer. Nice. A little much for me at this point, since I’m still working on getting my license. Man, the test over here is BRUTAL!

And i am no poser. just look at my back tire and you will see i can actually ride. Scrubed from side to side and worn out evenly. Even race it in vancouver when I am down there.

the test isn;t that bad just get over the nerves and start on a small bike after you get your license. learn to ride slow, that takes real skills, cause everyone can ride fast.

oh and remember rubber side down

That’s actually the plan. Unfortunately, Japanese license tests are brutally hard… you have to do this slalom bit in under 7 seconds with the big bike, then ride it over a raised strip of concrete in over 10 seconds, among other things.

But the advice to learn to ride slow sounds really good. I’ll remember that, thanks. Besides, I only started the course–I have at least 28 more hours of practice before they’ll let me take the test anyway.