Motha F&*Cking Bugs!

Oh man… the bugs here are INSANE!!  I’m covered in bug bites, and I’m not reacting well to them!  Tiny little bites are turning into loonie sized welts!  I’m so itchy!!!  I feel like I have the chicken pox, and I look like I was attacked by a swarm of bees.

Lol Noseeums.
I’ve become immune to them.
At least, they don’t swell up as much as you’re talking about. I’ve never seen many mosquitos here though, thankfully.

benadril will help the swelling and itching

It sure does!  The other day I took some in the middle of the day and passed out for SIX HOURS!  By the time I woke up, I was feeling just fine!!  :neutral_face:

Oh god…the last couple of years I lived up there, I could not walk around in our backyard in the evenings because of the no-seeums coming out once the sun started to go down and biting the hell out of me-it felt very much like someone touching a lit cigarette to my skin.

Ah, the memories… :unamused:

My wife empathises with you, she also hates the little critters.  They swarm around her as well. :imp:

You should see some of the spiders living in peoples crawl spaces.  You wouldn’t believe how big they can get.  Then theres those cave crickets

Most insect bites are thermolabile (heat sensitive)
Try running hot water over them…50 degrees C for 3 or 4 seconds
works for me.

Hahaha - yeah ok - in my world that just makes them more itchy - but I am also allergic to them, so that doesn’t help.

This is only my 2nd summer in Rupert - but this seems fairly normal for this time of year - as far as noseeums go.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m whining about it big time - took the garbage out the other night and got 3 bites - and I was wearing long pants, long sleeves and full shoes (not sandals). 

A few months ago we changed all the screens in the house to the smallest mesh you can buy (at least, in Rupert…) and boy that made a huge difference!  Still sucks when going outside though. :wink: