Most embarressing canadian

so i found this site about the most embarressing canadian,

To my dismay Jean Chretien was number one and Carolyn Parrish was number two. i was enraged and sent this email to them:

although i agree with you on celine dion, Jean Chretien and Carolyn
Parrish should by no means be on there. did you poll redneck albertans
or bc liberals for your results? or are you just ready to bend over
for the US like bloody Martin that you can’t stand a politician that
tells the truth ie. Carolyn Parrish. you bastards!

go back to your aryan nation meetings and die!

a few days later i got a response…:

Mr. Riley,

Calm down, Gerry, and please read the page again. The initial results were
posted with no justifications in attempt to be expedient. Subsequently, I
have added my own personal feelings on the winners. You may feel less
hostile should you take the time to read them.

Furthermore, Canadians from coast to coast have voted for Ms.Parrish and
Jean Chretien. Indeed, it was following interviews on radio in Ottawa,
Toronto, and the Maritimes that CP and JC received the most votes, with BC
and Alberta being more provincial in their voting (I.e. Gordon Campbell and
Ralph Klein).

Regardless of the source of the votes, I chose to honour their integrity in
the finest of democratic tradition - whether or not I agreed with them.

I hope this clears up a few things. On a personal note, I’d like to add that
you are kind of an asshole.

Best regards,


PS: I’m black.

I thought you mind find it funny…

I was embarassed when Chretien was meeting with important people around the world, while wearing sloppy suits that did not fit him properly.

embarrasing? who fucking cares, we are canadian.

So I can dress like a slob and it’s okay because I am Canadian? Alright, sounds good.

Well, it is a free country.

Jean Chretian just has a huge package like the other Canadians in this country he can’t help it.