More Vandalism.... this time with spraypaint

The new and old “Welcome to Prince Rupert” signs on the highway were both defaced with spraypaint saying “Tsimpshian Territory” in black letters, sometime between 9pm Saturday night, and 4pm Monday afternoon.

The old, wooden sign had been recently repainted a hideous Seafoam Green colour and had an Udderfest banner on it when I drove past Saturday night, but now the banner is gone, and the spraypaint is there.

I didn’t have a camera handy, but I’m sure someone will post pictures of it soon.

It’s comforting to know some vandals are broadening their horizons and breaking away from just breaking windows!!  :unamused:

Did they spell it right?

Nope, I think they had the P in there.

It was the Kaien Island Youth Council that painted the sign. I’m sure they’ll check with you next time before trying to help out the community.

I smell militant separatist movement…

Oh Man …
you guys suck… vandalism is nothing new you think its a new problem…LOL…
windows have been broken ever since I can remember, vehicles have been keyed before there was a term called keyed. tires have been slashed ever since cars hit the road. 

yes vandalism sucks, I have been a victim of useless vandalism and theft. The real problem needs to be looked at and addressed. most teens do things with groups of friends too look cool, kids do things out of boredom. 

so what are you doing to help fix the problem? what are you doing with youth?

stop bitching and help out with your community [you]…

Alright, can you tell me why my name came up in all of this???

You must admit they chose the one shade of green possible that clashes mightily with all the greenery around here. 

Oh no, more vandalism. Vandalism has always been around, it’s impossible to “fix”. Somebody will always be doing it. Even when under the rule of a tyrannical police state, people still spray paint things and break windows.

When it happens, you just gotta throw your hat on the ground, stomp on it in anger, then beat up some teenagers.

Welcome to the real world people.

At least someone will have to paint over the terrible colour choice to get rid of the statement.

I bet if someone looked in the bush near the sign they would find the spray can with finger prints on it. 

Unless the finger prints are in paint, lifting them now would be near impossible. Unless you mailed it to CSI! They can do anything. :wink:

Do they even take fingerprints if there’s only 1 person murdered these days?

not unless they find sperm on or in the victim.  :unamused:

Why is he putting sunglasses on over top of his sunglasses?

Because he always puts on sunglasses after saying an insensitive one-liner. So much in fact, he’d even put them on over the sunglasses he was already wearing.

Golden parody right over the head. D=

It’s too bad people seem so focussed on the shade of green that it was painted rather than the fact that it was spruced up from the lovely colour of brown…

As for the vandalism issue, I’m always impressed that people jump to the conclusion that its always youth involved. Ironically, it was youth that worked on trying to make that old sign look better prior to the spray paint.

Youth always get a bad reputation for stuff like defacing property, and usually it’s a reputation because it’s TRUE.  When it comes to spray painting anything… usually people under the age of 25 are the ones doing it.  Look at all the crap that went on a couple summers ago down at the Civic and the ballfields… the dugouts, fences, sheds, outhouses, and Civic Centre walls were constantly being painted up… by youths.

Good on the Youth Council to try and spruce up the sign though, too bad some stupid people had to mess it up.  I would assume another coat of green paint won’t cost as much as it will to fix the City of Prince Rupert sign though :frowning: