More media attention for the Port

There’s an interesting article on Canada’s growing trade with Asia and how Prince Rupert and Vancouver need to expand the port capacity quickly or lose any edge they might hope to gain.  Quite informative. … 233# 

I also found an interesting article for another Pacific Coast contender port that has just broken ground and aims to surpass Rupert’s capacity.Â

Quite an investment that’s going on down in Mexico, I suspect the cost to build and the cost of operations will be far less than that of a US or Canadian port…Â

The Mexican port’s part of a plan to build a massive rail and highway project that ends up with Kansas City becoming an inland port and Mexican scabs taking over the trucking industry in the US. When the Teamsters and Longshoremen are busted, there will be no one left to find the Democrats in the US, the Liberals and NDP in Canada or an opposition in Mexico.
I wish I could jokingly claim that’s a conspiracy theory.