More BigFoot sightings … 74929.html

[quote]Bigfoot appears to be on the move through the wilds of Northern B.C.

A rash of three sightings between late July and August have brought about speculation from paranormal specialists as to what the creature might be up to.[/quote]

Thanks MiG for the link…I enjoy this type of thing

I wonder if he or she will appear @ Subway early in the morning? 

Yeah, I love this type of thing too, astro:-)

Dad is that you?


my dad who I just met this summer enjoys the same things as me, or I should say I enjoy the same things as him…LOL

Heh-heh, you never know, astro:-)

hahaha maybe McDonalds this time. 

I think the bear was looking for A&W but noticed it wasn’t finished yet.

Heh-heh, yeah, maybe Bigfoot likes junk food. :smiley:
I’m very intrigued by the story reported by the woman from Houston, B.C.  I was a bit demoralized after the Bigfoot hoax down in the US.  Interesting stuff! :sunglasses:

Hi, I do have proof.  This was the first true sighting back in June 2008, my hunni and I captured this amazing moment on 3rd ave.
Interesting things is, I wonder what’s in the pack sack.  So I don’t really think Junk food is on his mind.  :laughing:

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Ah ha!  I knew BigFoot is real and he likes domestic beer! :smiley:

People should be putting the crack pipes down for a while  :astonished:

put down the crack pipe? people believe in god without actually seeing him. why not bigfoot and aliens?

i like resurrecting threads lol

damn I opened this “new topic” in hopes that it was actually “new” and something "interesting"
i want my money back