Moratorium on logging?

I was wondering what teh general opinion of the “people” was on this proposed moratorium on logging which the city councilors are putting forth? I personally think these guys are out to lunch.

logging is a neccesary evil.  Ask those who are suggesting a ban what type of material was used to build thier house.  or what they wipe thier asses with.  Everybody bags on logging and save the trees this, but the reality is, we need lumber to function.  that simple 

sod houses, glass houses, polypropylene houses…

toilet paper…thats a tough one i really hate to wipe my ass with moss but ive done it on occasion but you know i’ve gone from say 25 sheets a wipe as a ‘wadder’ to a 2 sheet folder, if you’rent* a total fuckin hairy mammal you should be able to work it with a 2 sheet folder… beweare the 3 sheet fold-in-half though, right dead centre you have a tear point that could end up … badly.

dude though, why dont we bring back bidets? we have lots of water here, maybe it wont work for like, sonora california, but im of the opinion that we should probably nuke most of the continental united states anyway.

i dunno everyones stuck in their ways, afraid to get shit on their hands and enjoying their shitbox 5 bedroom houses built with no thought as to the ecology of their construction etc etc…

necessary evils suck because everyone (and the almighty market forces) keep them rolling and their momentum sustains their unsustainable extraction of resources.  ever peeped google earth on that area between wms lake and bella bella? holy fucking cutblock batman… out of sight out of mind.

i havent heard shit about the moratorium but maybe its a good idea if it isnt just anti logging but is more anti resource extraction without spreading the economic love in terms of processing and development of new ways of working with what we’ve already got out.

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You guys should read The End of Oil written by, Paul Roberts.

well its really a question about do we need the logs, or where are they going to go. there dosent need to be another log cut down on the face of this earth for another 20 years. goverments have storages of logs, the same way the store oil. but it would be nice if the mill was open, because we all know that the port is not going to bring any local jobs. the grain terminal is a perfect example. jobs were promise up the ying yang, but what happened was all the labour jobs were contracted out, then they brought people in to run the show after it was built. so i see the same thing happeining to the port. so do we need the logs? YES!!! we need our mill to be going again. we need life back into out wonderful city. and thats the bottom line because god has spoken  lol

  1. Trees grow back. In 50 years or so, there will be new trees waiting to be cut down again.
  2. There are so many fucking trees in BC, it’s retarded.
  3. The trees in clear cut areas grow back very fast, and very nice because they get so much sunlight, and have lots of room to grow.

Bad things? I guess it looks ugly? Well, there are lots of places close to Rupert, but just around a mountain or something that will not be seen from town.

Like seriously, you’re gonna have to try pretty fucking hard to wipe out the trees. It’s not like slamon or something. The area around the SPCA across the highway was mowed down pretty good waaaaay back in the day. You wouldn’t know, would you? Go take a walk through there. You’ll see a fair amount of stumps left from logging, and you can hardly even spot those unless you look.

I say people who don’t wanna cut down trees, should build their house out of something else. And not plastic, because those same people probably don’t wanna drill for oil either.

In fact, you can go build you house out of mud and sticks, but don’t drive your car, cause that pollutes teh enviroment. And when oyu get hungry, eat some grass, because wood, and oil, and killing were involved bringing your meat to the grocery store.

In fact. Go live under a rock. And lick the slime off the ground. Run with the animals. Fucking hippies. You CAN harvest the earth without destroying it.

I have respect for anyone who puts there life on the line just to put food on the table, be it a logger, cop, or fireman.  I think that this has more to do with politics than anything else.  All one has to do is look at the history, between the councillor who intiated this latest “pissing-contest”.  I hope they work this one out, perhaps media ban, and look to an arbitrator/negotiator.  Change the main players.  Difuse and move on.

It just seems like a combination of a guy who didn’t do his homework and research the subject and somebody who just likes to hear himself talk. This town has plenty of plans in the works which are very similar in terms of the effect on the environment and the viewscape. This councillor is a joke.

so name names brothers and sisters.

maybe i should think of my timber framed house as a means of carbon sequestering??

WORD im stoekd on the logging they did out from wantage to the cemetary road for the port road!!! HELLS YEA thanks for making it like a 15 minute pedal from the bottom of my bike trails to my house instead of a 20 minute hike a bike… forealllL!!

when I was a bit younger I worked as a chocker-man, great money… we used high lead logging and skidders to take out the lumber, what was so funny well not that funny was when we came across the nice red cedar at the top end, by the time we got it down to the sort it was only good for tooth picks, a piece of yellow or red cedar 100 foot tree would fetch you 30 to 50 grand for one tree, but as most of you know cedar is soft wood and falls apart easy. I had trees that were 15 to 25 feet around at the base huge trees, good times, but dangerous times.
I think you could log across the harbour maybe using helicopter logging instead of clear cut or high lead logging, taking only the choice wood. this way it will still look good from this side. logging on the coast is no cake walk as the bush is so tight, I logged in QCI, terrace and here on the north coast up in work channel.

so I’m in favour of logging if its done right over there.

Sweet! I ran chokers salvage logging. Good times. We fell dead trees, and yarded them out with a tug. It left some nice ruts where you ripped the logs out, but within a year, I’m sure, it was completely invisible where we were. Nothing like packing a choker and some thick-ass poly line up some nearly verticle embankments. Best times were sitting on the beach waiting for the tug to bring you line again–kinda nice when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

I come from a logging background and the only thing I have to say is logging, when done right, can be an all around beneficial industry.

The problem is most of the logging today is done by large companies who would rather pay the fines than log ‘to code’.  I’ve seen some pretty gnarly stuff that they get away with and it’s just not right.  For example I know a few areas where hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of wood have been logged and just coal decked on the side of the road.  Left there because the market prices fell and that grade of wood was no longer profitable to extract. 

It is my firm belief that communities and the enviroment would be better off with more small scale loggers with the proper education to avoid destructive practices than these big (usually) multi-national companies.  The only drawback is it’s almost impossible for true small scale loggers to turn a profit in todays market/enviromental enviroment. 

Do I see an immediate solution?  No.  But it’d be awesome if the government would take an initiative to partially fund small projects.  Although, they seem content with the letting the larger companies do the lionshare of the logging, so I doubt change is anywhere in the near future. 

For right now I don’t think it’s realistic to cut wood out of the picture.  It’s a valuable renewable resource that has too many applications to be ignored.  Cutting down a tree doesn’t pose a threat to the enviroment as a whole so much as it does to the local ecology of where it was cut down.  With the right management (replanting the RIGHT trees, not cutting down species that other rare species are co-dependant on, etc) logging is great! 

I did read mention of oil in this thread, and I think that is a major issue.  We use oil in nearly everything!  Plastics, fuel, etc it’s all dependant on crude oil by-products.  We’re dumping millions of years worth of carbon fixation back into the atmosphere at an astronomical rate.  Humans need to learn to get their oil fix from renewable resources like grass fields, algae, and such.  The beauty of this system is in ideal circumstances we fix just as much carbon as we produce and we stop this sharp rise of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. 

Yeah, that’s about all I have to say. 

well said!!


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Who needs a moratorium? The Softwood Lumber Deal is done. No one will be logging by Christmas…

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