Its a moose!!!

But can you imagine a Beowulf cluster of these?

that moose would be good in soup

Moose… good… mmmm,

but deer meat = better meat!

nopppppppe moose meat is better…

Nope, you’re both wrong… moose meat is DISGUSTING!

My dad used to try and trick my mom and I into thinking it was beef, until my mom told him he wasn’t allowed to even bring it into the house anymore. After that he had to make it on the boat instead.

Myth: moose are good.
Fact: moose are scary.

I have seen a real moose in the wild (in Maine)…they are VERY scary.
I have had a moose burger before…it tasted VERY good.
I have smelt moose turds…they are VERY smelly.

The moral…?
Beats the hell out of me.:lol:

I would rather eat moose than farm raised cattle. Moose eat various vegetation, while cattle eat things that get fed to them, and who knows what they may be! ( oh and don’t forget about steroids and such…eeeuuuck)

I agree, moose are very much more yummyful and better for you than cows. Moose are also NOT cannibals and can not give people mad cow disease because they ate another moose.

But, on the negative side, you have to catch it yourself.

its not the catching, its the gutting, cutting and hauling.

Not really, you just have to shoot it…and clean it…and cook it. Not to mention that in the U.S. you also need to buy a permit to shoot one…then clean it…then cook it. Gosh I guess that is alot of work :confused: The best thing to do is to make nice with a hunter and then he will share. :smiley:

Know what tastes really nasty? Wild boar. I absolutely can not stand that stuff! :angry:

I’ve had very gamey tasting moose and deer and also good tasting moose and deer. The moose I bagged a couple years ago was quite good, maybe because it wasn’t very old, I’m not sure exactly. I was surprised by the taste though, seeing as how I’d had mostly gamey tasting meat until this fella. That moose tasted better than any deer I’d ever eaten.

The deer we shot in the Charlottes last year were not gamey tasting either, which was weird, because three years ago they were very gamey tasting from the same place. I think the taste can vary depending on what the animal eats, so where it’s from might make some kind of difference. I guess the most important thing is how you cook it. I prefer eating wild meat, but not because it tastes any better than beef.

[quote=“timbits”]Moose… good… mmmm,

but deer meat = better meat![/quote]

Tim, Ryan showed me that CKY HEMAN thing… :open_mouth: …What …The Fuck?

[quote=“WonderMike”]Myth: moose are good.
Fact: moose are scary.[/quote]

mooses arent scary…hardly pft

Ivan didn’t you feel bad killing little bambi’s on the Charlottes? The deer over there are tiny compared to mainland deer.

Not really. There were a lot of small deer, but we ignored them for the most part. I only remember killing one very small deer in the Charlottes, and that was an accident, a long time ago. I do recall feeling bad about that at the time. It was a shame, there were plenty of deer out there, and we didn’t need to take that one, but it is hard to tell sometimes.

Heh…but the little deer on the QCI’s are small enough to be strapped to the floats of a Beaver for easy transport. Ive seen it done.

geee you guys must have some small deer, the ones that i have seen are pretty big, unless u see the little fawns. they are so cute looking! i think that in general all deer are cute, kind of a shame when u kill them.