Monopoly Mc d's Scam?

Has anyone won the prizes on that monopoly game they have every year. Ive heard that back in 2001 there were no actual big prizes that it was just a scam. Im not talkin about a free burger or anything.

P.S. Is it just Prince ruperts Mc D where they started only givin you 2 ketchup packages? cheap #)(%)#($ er’s

My roommate said he won the car audio system…

I think the scam had something to do with McDonald’s employees and their families taking advantage of the game, not that people weren’t winning.

I’ve never won anything but free food.

And I’m happy when McD’s here manages to put all of my order in the bag. Forget ketchup…just give me a straw and the food.

An employee of the company that handled the contest was getting hold of the winning tickets, and distributing them to people he knew who could redeem them.

My parents in-law won ten grand on the monopoly thing yrs ago.

They would go to one Mickey D’s every few days for coffee and would get the monopoly pieces. They never thought much of them but kept them.

One day my father in-law checked the pile they had for something to do and found he had all the pieces for something ( dont remember what) and asked the guy behind the counter what it meant (they are portugese and their english is not great) and the guy said he couldnt touch it and told them to send it to the address listed for prizes.

They did and about 4 weeks later got a registered letter and a cheque for 10 grand. They had no idea what they had won till it arrived.

A friend of mine got a gamecube from it here in Terrace.