Monitor or Video card

I also have a problem with flickering. I have went to many tech forums and they all say the same. The thing is that I don’t know how to set the resolution correctly. Also I am now typing using this flickering monitor, so it is hard.

I am using a FP767 17 inch flat screen, and a Nvidia Geforce 4 mx 440 with AGP8x video card. And under conflicts/sharing, there are two been used in IRQ 20. Which is Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System and SIS 7001 PCI to USB open host controller. Does anyone have a solution on this please?

The computer seems fine, no spyware nor trojans. But it does seem to be the refresh rate.


Have you tried adjusting the refresh rate?

Control Panels -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> Monitor

Set it to 60Hz. Every monitor should be able to handle that.

Set it to 80-100 if you can 100 is nice anything below that hurts my eyes after 12hrs… some dickhead here at work set it to 70 and i dont have privileges to change it…