Moneysense still not impressed with us! But progress seen

Well at least we’re heading upwards!

The latest rankings of the Moneysense Best Cities in Canada survey finds Prince Rupert still down from the magnificent days of 2009 when we checked in at 148, but on the plus side we’re not at last years 173.

This years compilation places Prince Rupert in 163rd place out of the 180 cities surveyed.

The city profile from the magazine website can be found here. … rofile=163

However, for those that suggest the boom is on, check out the moneysense tabulations on unemployment and population change, still a bit of an eye opener one thinks.

The full report can be found here, (no doubt the local media will report on this in a timely manner, but hey, you saw it here on htmf first) … live-2011/

I’m moving up! I’m moving to 106 on the list. Sweet.

Hey Chad,

you bring the number down by moving there…just kidding!

Oh oh, news of our placement continues to travel across the country. Perceptions can be so hard to dismiss. … story.html