Mobile Web Browsing Question

If this has been answered before please direct me to a link on HTMF.

What is the speed like on a mobile web browser?

My laptop has bluetooth and it was on my mind if I connected through my cellphone via bluetooth would it be comparable to dial up? or better? (do not have compatible phone as of yet)

What would be the difference between different providers say Rogers or CityWest?

I know what you maybe thinking, “why don’t you just drive around and find a wireless hotspot?” However think of it if you where stuck somewhere where you didn’t have this type of access.

Thanks in advance.  :smile:

letsjust say i hope u r super duper rich…

Could I be missing something? Below is from Citywest:

Mobile Web Browsing service is automatically available on all Bell phones (sold at CityWest or East Wind) on a pay-per-use basis of 3¢ per kilobyte up to a maximum of $30 per month. Or, you can subscribe to Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing for $7 per month and enjoy Web browsing to the max.

Web browsing on your phone and using your phone as a modem for your laptop are two different things.  Better get an answer from Citywest before you start doing this.

Yes  I think I see your point Mig that cost could go up but why when the phone is the bottleneck?

Here is an intresting link about a Siera wireless phone card: … sscard.htm

Thanks for the insight

those prices are for regular cell phones, not blackberry or the HTC PDA phones.

Data Plan    Monthly fee            Monthly data usage   Additional data      U.S. Data Roaming
  Light               $25                            4 MB                   $12/MB                         $6/MB
Standard         $40                            8 MB                    $8/MB                          $6/MB
Premium          $60                            30 MB                  $6/MB                         $6/MB
Ultimate          $100                          250 MB                 $3/MB                          $3/MB

Wow, what a deal… [/sarcasm]
only $3000 a gigabyte.
Someone adventurous should set up a WiFi and sell AsusEEEs with a Skype account and USB handset.

There’s the business idea you’ve been looking for to get out of the Fort!

Speaking of wifi, what’s the scoop on Citywest’s wifi thing?

I am not going to purchase a blackerry or pda I am going to purchase a bluetooth capable phone that has web surfing. Is there still something technical I am missing?

A link to how it is done: … lmodem.htm … 175048.php

then those are your prices… and if you use it as a modem then your going to pay for more and loose your car and house  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok then I will test just a little  :wink: when I get my cell phone and post later.

So if there is two price structures for celular web browsing what would your pricing be for you people with Iphones on Rogers Network?

[quote=“katray”]So if there is two price structures for celular web browsing what would your pricing be for you people with Iphones on Rogers Network?

You’d be crazy to use an iPhone on Rogers.

“Web browsing” usually means using the web browser on your cellphone (which presumably goes through a Bell/Telus/Rogers/etc proxy server).  If you use your cellphone to act as a modem for your laptop, then they would probably not consider it “web browsing” but rather internet access.

Phone companies suck.

Yes money sucking bastards  :smiley:

Well I think I found the link and info I needed. … -bill-c-85

The plan wasn’t to download movies just to do a little surfing on HTMF. Will have to try just load the HTMF home page and shut err down and see what kind of bill comes in the mail  :unamused:

Yeah, then I won’t open someone’s payment and find a short cheque and a letter telling me “my Internet” was out of service for 45 days last year.
I almost wrote him back “If you weren’t my asshole landlord, I’d tell you to pack up my radio and return it and fuck right off”

From my link I like comment Jeffy’s plan: … -bill-c-85

"The only solution is for thousands of people to do exactly the same thing and run up quadrillions of dollars in bills. Then the telco won’t get paid, but will probably be able to claim some sort of tax credit for “losses”. "

Maybe CityWest needs a tax break  :smile: