I know it sounds like something out of a Simpsons episode, but Major League Baseball now has my credit card number.

Honestly, this is how I want all TV to be. Pay by the day/episode, and just stream that shit off the Intertron.

Today, I felt like watching a ball game. $4 US, and in seconds I am watching live footage of whatever MLB game I want. If they did this for other sports, I’d be set.

350 kilobizzle, so some of you guys who spend money on high definition stuff might not dig it, but it’s plenty good for me. Other downside: WiMP/Realplayer only.

The part that’s really cool, is that I can go back and watch a game that already finished, and watch it in it’s entirety, or jump through it as I please, or just watch the condensed highlight package put together after the game.

Nice to see technology finally hit the right side of your brain. :laughing:

“Yawn” American shit…